MoL Podcast S1, Ep. 5: Getting to Know You

This week on Mourners of Lhazaar, the gang repays Sandara Quinn for her help by continuing to question her insistence that friendship is vital to their survival, before taking her advice to heart.  While Torlan befriends yet another fellow artist, Trucco chats up the quartermaster and Rus improves his own standing with Grok by leaning into a lie while Daina opens a window into Fishguts’ past.  Later, the return of a familiar face puts Rus in an awkward position as he waits to learn Owlbear’s fate.  

Background question: 1:32
Recap: 11:37
Bookkeeping: 19:10
The action starts: 21:33

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Special thanks to Kristian Serrano for the intro narration!
Intro/outro music by Matti Palanen:

Additional music and ambient sounds:

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