Podcast: MoL Episode 6 – A Call to Arms

On this week’s episode of Mourners of Lhazaar, Torlan’s continued quest to defend the honour of Clan Kolladron hits a snag as Daina steps up to make sure her old uncle gets his due – with a plan that places her squarely in Mister Lagraa’s sights once again. Later, the gang finds themselves beginning preparations for a mutiny while Trucco wonders if there isn’t more to life than trying to make some quick coin and looking out for number one, and discovers that Owlbear is an excellent listener.

Background question: 01:15
Recap: 12:27
The action starts: 17:07

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Special thanks to Kristian Serrano for the intro narration!
Intro/outro music by Matti Palanen: http://www.mattipaalanen.com/

Additional music and ambient sounds:

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