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Meet the Cast of Savage Tales of Eberron!

Phillip has been a Dungeon Master since the days of the Red Box Edition. Loving Eberron for 10 years, and converting everyone one he can to Savage Worlds since he received his Adventure Edition rewards from Kickstarter. When not plotting to kill his players by the Emerald Claw or Dreaming Dark, he likes gardening, reading, cooking, watching movies, playing video games, diving into deep personal growth, and leading men’s retreats.

Michael has been at both sides of the gaming table since becoming enchanted with the Eberron world three years ago. He received his introduction to Savage Eberron via the characters of Quentin and Ivello in Seekers of the Ashen Crown.

Ernesto is a loquacious and easily excitable roleplayer from a far off land known as Uruguay. His tabletop journey began in 2017, but he didn’t fulfill his dream of finding a long-term group until he stumbled upon the Savage Tales of Eberron crew. After a year of filling the role of Aruget – an honourable hobgoblin with a thirst for single combat – Ernesto was finally able to say he’d achieved that goal…but not without the desire for more. Rumour has it that he loves to dance in elevators when there’s no one else on board, and that a chocolate bar left his in his house will not survive longer than 24 hours.

Kevin is new to the Savage Eberron table. He has been playing in Eberron since the Summer of 2020, and is now a sometimes DM on top of playing in that world. His first long foray into TTRPGs was the White-Wolf game Exalted. When not tossing math rocks, he might be spotted enjoying various dark caffeinated beverages.

Elly has been adventuring in Savage Eberron since August 2020. An avid roleplayer who loves talking about Savage Eberron to anyone who will listen, she is the primary author of this blog and has really enjoyed finding this new outlet to support her lifelong love of writing. When not at the game table (or writing about it), Elly can be found painting miniatures, playing video games, knitting, cooking, and tending to what some might call far too many houseplants. Her orchids are doing great, by the way.

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Welcome to Savage Tales of Eberron! New reader? Here’s where to get started.

Savage Tales of Eberron is a labour of love which Elly has been writing since April 2021. Originally created as a place to house her session recaps and mechanics talk, it’s now expanding to include an actual-play podcast of our tables continued adventures in Eberron using the Savage Worlds system. There’s a good deal of content to sift through already, so let’s get you started!

Campaign 1: Seekers of the Ashen Crown (text recaps only)

This epic, 45-week journey took the party from Sharn to Droaam and back again. It’s a story of hair-raising battles, hidden motives, friendship and treachery, and the fluid nature of honour. Click here to get started.

Campaign 2: Mourners of Lhazaar (text recaps)

Join us on the high seas of the Lhazaar Principalities! New narrative recaps every week, featuring behind-the-scenes looks at each session that you won’t get anywhere else. You can find those in the Session Recaps menu, or click here to get started.

Savage Tales of Eberron: An Actual Play Podcast

Mourners of Lhazaar will be the first campaign featured on our podcast! Those episodes will be available to stream or download via the Podcast menu, as well as on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Podbean. Click here to get started.

Table Talk: Playing Savage Worlds

This category features dedicated mechanics articles that take a deeper dive into core aspects of Savage Worlds, such as hindrances, bennies, and cinematic combat.

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