Introducing Savage Tales of Eberron: an all-new actual-play podcast!

Yes, you heard that right. I am delighted to finally be free to announce that the newest project on the Tales crew’s slate is a weekly, actual-play Savage Worlds podcast set in Eberron! While the text-based recaps (and attached mechanics talks) you all know and love will continue to be posted every Wednesday as usual, you’ll now have the chance to enjoy our actual sessions, in full, start to finish. Join us as we laugh, cry, make questionable decisions, and discover new and creative ways to throw curveballs at the GM. You won’t regret it.

The first episode is slated to launch in late September/early October. You’ll be able to access it here, and we are planning to make the show available on streaming services such as Spotify soon after. Keep watching this space for updates on where to find Savage Tales of Eberron for your listening pleasure.

New Names, Old Faces

You’ve probably noticed that this site has rebranded to Savage Tales of Eberron. This was a choice we made together to unify the site, recaps, and podcast under one umbrella.

As well, I’ve updated a few things to keep site navigation streamlined as we add a new campaign, and a new section for the podcast. The recaps for Seekers of the Ashen Crown and Mourners of Lhazaar campaigns are now accessible through the Session Recaps menu, and the archives are now housed under their own drop-down menu on the sidebar. The url hasn’t changed, so all that tasty content is still (mostly) all in the same place! It’s just becoming a bit better organized as we continue to grow, and as always, I’m really excited that you’ve chosen to join us on this journey.

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