Introducing the Seekers of the Ashen Crown

In which I introduce the party, and fast-forward to my first actual recap of the campaign.

Bugs. Why did it have to be bugs?

It all started simply enough. Professor Reddick at Morgrave University wanted some samples of kruthik eggs, and hopefully a rare, live, flying kruthik as an even better prize. He sent us down to the Cogs, where the foreman of the ir’Tain foundry revealed that the nest was threatening his workers and thus, his bottom line, while a vassal of Sovereign Host down there was concerned for those same workers as well.

Kruthik. Ugly bastards. Imagine a cockroach the size of a dog, with oversized claws and jaws, and now you’re getting closer to the heart of the matter. But work is work, and our intrepid adventurers-for-hire were better off for it.

The misfits in question

Quentin Yandarrl, a Khorovar (half-elf) scholar from the dead nation of Cyre, currently employed by Morgrave University as a researcher specializing in ancient Dhakaani culture. Interested by the prospect of exploring the ruins under the Cogs.

Ivello Yandarrl

Aruget, a House Deneith blademark hired to protect this expedition. Originally a gladiator from Graywall , Aruget has been in Sharn these past six years doing bodyguard and mercenary work.


Lestok Morgas, an eccentric gnome artificer who ostensibly works as an exterminator for Morgrave. He just showed up one day, and no one ever bothered to tell him to leave. Lestok is never seen without his trusty gadgets such as the Fumigator 9000.

Lestok Morgas

Kayde d’Phiarlan, a scion of House Phiarlan whose talents extend beyond just putting on a good show. Unknown to most, Kayde is a skilled spy, and his house likes him keeping an eye on interesting goings-on in Sharn. Likes: showing off. Dislikes: getting dirty.

Kayde d'Phiarlan

Jak aka Jack Fenton (that’s me!), a changeling agent of the King’s Dark Lanterns…or at least he was, until he got suspended for dreamlily abuse a few months back. Good friends with Kayde, Jak hopes this job will help him get back on his feet.

Jak Fenton

The story so far

After accepting the job, the party made their way down to the Cogs. A poor, dark, dirty place, the Cogs are uninviting and dangerous, but its lava flows help power the foundries Sharn depends on. After meeting with a rather surly dwarf at the Tain foundry, and Professor Reddick’s friend concerned for his people, our heroes made their way down into the ruins of Old Sharn.

They quickly found themselves enmeshed in something they didn’t expect: signs of treasure hunters (now deceased), and signs of ancient Dhakaani civilization. From murals to statues, it was plain as day. After dispatching a few kruthik (sadly, no flying ones), they made their way into a strange room with a door with no obvious mechanism at one end, and a series of pressure plates marked with strange symbols in the middle. Taking their cues from some symbols found branded on a scrap of leather, the door soon creaked open, and they made their way into a large tomb of some sort.

While Lestok investigated the strange, multi-armed statue in the middle of the tomb, the others took a casual look around when suddenly, the door slammed shut…and two statues (and several zombies) came to life as a sarcophagus clanged open and an undead Dhakaani warrior climbed out. The fight was on.

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