MoL Podcast S1, Ep. 16: Knives in the Dark

This week on Savage Tales of Eberron: Mourners of Lhazaar, the fight for freedom begins as Rus, Trucco, Torlan, Daina, and their handful of allies launch a coordinated attack on their new captors aboard the Majestic Gryphon. However, they quickly learn that no plan survives contact with the enemy as their skills, training, and instincts are put to the test on this week’s tense episode of Mourners of Lhazaar!

Background question: 01:18
Recap: 14:52
The action starts: 16:35

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Special thanks to Kristian Serrano for the intro narration!
Intro/outro music by Matti Palanen:

Additional music and ambient sounds:

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