Podcast S2E06: Old Friends, New Enemies

This week, Savage Tales of Eberron welcomes guest player Ian as the crew of the Crown and Bell arrives in Cliffscrape and soon finds themselves embroiled in a mystery whose truth might not be as evident as their captain believes. Trucco reconnects with an old friend, a ghost of Daina’s past returns, and the Mourners prove to the locals that they are not ones to be trifled with… but in a place where might makes right, there’s always someone trying to be a bigger fish.

Background question: 01:28
Recap: 09:34
The action starts: 12:18

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Special thanks to Kristian Serrano for the intro narration!
Intro/outro music by Matti Palanen: http://www.mattipaalanen.com/

Additional music and ambient sounds:

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