Savage Tales of Eberron is going to Chupacabracon!

Mark your calendars! Savage Tales of Eberron is hosting a panel at Chupacabracon VIII. Join Elly, Michael, Kevin, and Phillip on Saturday, May 7 for “Stronger Together: Collaborative Storytelling in TTRPGs.” (Sadly, the trip is a little bit far for Ernesto to be able to join us.)

From the event page:

“Collaborative storytelling in TTRPGs is built on a foundation of trusting everyone at the table not just with their own stories, but with ours as well. How can we as GMs and players help each other claim our agency while simultaneously inviting and encouraging others to share creative control of the story? What happens when conflicting desires of where to take the story arise, and how do we resolve those conflicts? Join the cast of Savage Tales of Eberron as they dig into these questions and explore the sometimes messy but always wonderful ways in which TTRPGs allow us to tell stories together, and how relationships, mechanics, and the whims of the dice work together to create stories that we love to tell.”

Chupacabracon is a great event that benefits Extra Life (a cause Elly has supported for a decade), features many guests from the Savage Worlds community, and lots of games to play in – you better believe Elly’s registered for Karl Keesler’s Savage Mystery Men one-shot. We hope to see you there!

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