Seekers of the Ashen Crown week 16: Make no bones about it!

In the caves, Yeraa led both parties through the dark to a collapsed tunnel that needed clearing.  As her people got to work on it, Quentin asked the hobgoblin spellcaster mage Marduuk if there were any creatures in the caves to worry about.  He suggested that there might be daelkyr remnants as well as dolgrim and dolgaunts, and Quentin quietly relayed this news to Jak and Kayde along with a suggestion that they keep this from Lestok to prevent the old gnome from getting hung up on theorizing.  Lestok, though he couldn’t hear this whispered exchange, was visibly hurt from being left out of the conspiring but said nothing.

After about an hour of work, the cleared tunnel turned out to lead to a large chamber with a high vaulted ceiling and a large six-sided obelisk in the center, surrounded by four obviously looted upright sarcophagi and piles of bones.  As Lestok warned the group to watch out for skull spiders, Quentin was investigating a sarcophagus when a chip of rock flew off the structure and into his eye, painfully blurring his vision.  Lestok, encountering the locked door on the chamber’s south side, attempted to open it using his fork as a lockpick, while Jak took a closer look at the obelisk and made out artwork depicting battles between hobgoblins and the daelkyr.  Meanwhile, Lestok discovered that the door had no lock on it, adding insult to injury after he’d already bent the tines of his fork in anticipation of using it as a makeshift pick.  Moving his attention to the obelisk, he could feel waves of necrotic energy coming off of it, enough to concern even an insatiably curious gnome.

Before long, Yeraa solved the puzzle of the obelisk and declared that only goblins could go through it, much to Lestok’s disappointment and in spite of his warnings of death on the other side.  The goblins placed their hands on the obelisk, Yeraa spoke a few words, and the runes flared to life with an eerie blue glow.  As she faded away, she told Aruget “watch yourselves!” as she and her party disappeared in a blinding flash of blue light.  As the party’s vision cleared, Lestok saw another burst of energy come from the obelisk and radiate through the room…causing the assorted goblin and hobgoblin skeletons strewn about the floor to reassemble themselves and stand up.  

Though the party was outnumbered, the odds were in their favour.  Kayde popped the head right off of one of the smaller skeletons with a twist of his knife, while Lestok busted out his “fun in a can” on the largest group he could see.  Just on the edge of that larger fray, Jak was quickly surrounded, but held his own, not taking them out but avoiding their blows.  Aruget blinded another group of skeletons with Dol Arrah’s light as Jak fought off another assault and moved back to back with the paladin, while Lestok joined the huddle and quickly swiped a brush of his G.I.N.S.U. cutting oil across Aruget’s axe.  Jak finally got a good hit in and sent one of the larger skeletons flying across the floor in pieces, while Quentin unleashed his lightning and fried another group inside of their armour.  As more skeletons flailed in Lestok’s G.R.O.S.S., Aruget quickly dismantled two with one blow as the rest of the party made quick work of what remained. 

The khyber shard Yeraa had given Aruget flared to life, with the dirgesinger checking in to make sure everyone was alright.  Meanwhile, Quentin approached the obelisk to try to uncover its secrets, and got a burst of insight from a book he’d read at the Morgrave library before leaving Sharn, which confirmed Lestok’s hypothesis about necrotic energy.  On the south side of the room, the previously locked door opened at Kayde’s touch and revealed another, pitch-black chamber with lots of rubble on the floor, more inert skeletons, and its floor and walls stained black as if by fire.  Kayde could make out that several patches of black on the wall were rippling like water, and he threw a rock into the room to test it before entering.  He heard it bounce, stop, bounce again, and faintly ping as if it had fallen down something deep.  Jak asked Yeraa to confirm that they were going the right way, and she said that this cavern was indeed their path.  Quentin dug deep into his memory and recalled a story from his time in Darguun, about how underneath one of the Six Kings there is a moon pool, which is lit by moonlight refracted through a series of mirrors, along with rumours of numerous Dakhaani emperor’s tombs beneath.  Lestok, his curiosity raging, was determined to investigate the “water” walls, but Jak feared for his safety and put a firm hand on the old gnome’s shoulder that he couldn’t break free from.  Quentin reiterated that he was pretty sure the necrotic energy in this room came from something on the other side of the obelisk, and Lestok’s attention returned to it…

Behind the Scenes

  • Question of the week: What grudges or grievances do you hold from the Last War?
  • Quentin overcame a -6 penalty to learn that lore about the moon pool. Between that and using the “Spill the Beans” adventure card on the obelisk, I feel we succeeded in our weekly goal to befuddle the GM.
  • Adventure cards? That is one of the coolest things about Savage Worlds Adventure Edition! At the beginning to each of our sessions, the two players who roll highest on a d100 get a card that can be played at any time during that same session. These cards can be of great benefit to the player(s)…or provide twists and turns in which help comes at a cost.

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