Seekers of the Ashen Crown week 18: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

With the goblin spirits laid to rest and nothing else of interest in the byeshk cavern, Aruget checked in on Yeraa – who casually mentioned that she had encountered daelkyr creations in the tunnels – and the party made their way down another incline to yet more blocked passageways.  The one to the north looked like it could be cleared easily enough, and Aruget and Lestok got to work on it.  Clearing some of the rubble from the top, they noticed torchlight along with the air flowing through it, and could hear the sounds of fighting.  Clearing away more rock, Lestok cast an illusion of the blockage further down the tunnel for him and Arguet to move forward and get a better look at what appeared to be more of the phantoms they had just fought, doing battle with strange goblinoids that appeared to have multiple arms.  The room they were in was finished and had curtains hanging from the ceiling, a stark contrast to the rough caverns they had encountered so far.

While Jak was quite happy to let the two groups fight it out, Aruget pled with the party to help these phantoms find peace the way they had for the last group, telling Jak that their souls needed to be redeemed, an argument which grudgingly won over the surly changeling.  Kayde, still not at a hundred percent, was reluctant to join the fight, so Jak handed his friend his crossbow and told him to stay back while Lestok coated everyone’s weapon with his famous cutting oil.  Aruget charged into the room, leaping over a phantom to come face to face with its foe – a monstrous creature with four arms – each bearing a different weapon – and two mouths, which seemed to be arguing with each other in a hideous language the paladin could not understand.  They traded blows, with Aruget quickly dispatching it.  Jak quickly joined the fray to come to his friends aid, and looked back over his shoulder as Quentin’s hands erupted in lightning, engulfing and charring the creatures and dropping all four of them in one fell swoop.  High on that decisive victory, Aruget’s attentions turned to the phantoms…who turned their weapons on the party.

The ghosts were dealt with, but not before a very disappointed Aruget sustained nasty injuries from one of them.  With the battle over, Jak patched up one of Aruget’s wounds while Lestok eagerly busted out something he’d found on the road that he called “skunkweed” to smear on the other one.  It healed the hobgoblin well, but Lestok warned him that he was likely to smell like the stuff for quite some time.  Quentin turned his attention to investigating the creature corpses, and identified them as abominations known as dolgrim, while Lestok wandered the room and discovered a mummified, ape-like creature with claws pierced by a very interesting-looking spear…which caught his attention for exactly five seconds until Kayde called out that he’d found an interesting-looking music box, which brought the gnome running.  He wound it up and it played a song that he vaguely remembered from his childhood, but couldn’t place.  Jak tried the box and had the same experience, and then Quentin tried it and it played a song from Cyre, which caused him to become overwhelmed by emotion and need a minute to himself.  Much more interested in the spear, Aruget removed it from the mummified corpse and noted that its shiny haft had not decayed unlike everything else in the room.  Getting Lestok’s attention, the old gnome identified it as the work of an artificer, but couldn’t quite pin down what was special about it.  

With that, the party looked once again to moving forward…and hopefully finding the Moon Pool at last.

Behind the Scenes

  • Question of the week: Where in Eberron were you raised? What are your thoughts about where you grew up?
  • Lestok’s “skunkweed” was the result of his flavouring of the Whiskey and Iron adventure card, which heals all wounds at the price of (as written) a permanent scar that reduces the bearer’s persuasion rolls by 2 for a month. He decided that Aruget should be stinky instead, and everyone including Aruget rolled with it. Kayde is not amused.

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