Seekers of the Ashen Crown week 19: A light in the dark

As the party settled down to recuperate from a string of fights, mishaps, and strange black mist, everyone found a different method of relaxation.  Kayde meditated, Aruget enjoyed a snack, Jak continued to play with the mysterious music box, Quentin tried to strike up conversations and Lestok got to work identifying the mysterious byeshk spear Aruget had pulled out of the mummified creature.  It proved to be a relic even more powerful than byeshk alone would make it.  One mystery solved, the old gnome’s attention turned to the locked door where the mummy had been.  With no visible lock or hinges, Jak and Kayde had been stymied by it, but Lestok remembered a few tricks from Ashtura’s tomb.  Stepping forward and puffing out his chest, he commanded the door to serve him!  It did not. 

As Jak, assisted by Aruget and Lestok, popped the door open with a crowbar, the party found yet another pitch-black passage – this one, a combination of hewn stone and rough cavern.  Making their way down another series of inclines, they found some more trinkets and a dead end until Jak noticed the faint flickering of torchlight coming from the end of another passage.  Scouting down a thin bottleneck, he spotted more dolgrim, and quickly retreated to warn the others – but not before the dolgrim heard him.  One of them immediately tried to put a bolt into Aruget, and the party began a short standoff as neither group was willing to rush down the bottleneck to their doom.  Eventually, a lone dolgrim appeared, and Jak quickly put him down with his own crossbow.  Quentin dropped a whirlwind in the tunnel in an attempt to create a barrier between them and the dolgrim, but soon, a huge aberration that looked like the mummified creature from the previous room came barreling through it.  With Kayde unable to pierce its hide even with the new spear, the furious creature wrenched the weapon right out of Kayde’s hands.  As Aruget called on Dol Arrah and Jak put a crossbow bolt right into the creature’s chest – which just made it more angry – yet another hideous being appeared, this one a mess of tentacles which wrapped around Jak, burying into his flesh.  Lestok decided this was the time to test out his newest concoction – Zom-B-Gone!  He unleashed a spray of it on the tentacled creature which, much to everyone’s surprise and against all logic since it clearly was not a zombie, easily caused it to disintegrate.  With one threat down, the party’s attentions returned to the pressing matter of the ten foot tall, clawed, extremely angry monster that remained in front of them… 

Behind the Scenes

  • Question of the week: What superstitions do you subscribe to? How strongly do you believe in them?
  • How the heck did Zom-B-Gone work on something that isn’t a zombie? Adventure cards! Of course, now Lestok is quite convinced that either a) daelkyr are undead, or b) it works on everything…

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