Seekers of the Ashen Crown week 3: Battle in the Tomb

After dispatching four zombies, the party buckled down for epic combat with the undead Dakhaani warrior Ashtura and his guardian wights. After narrowly dodging a killing blow, Jak found himself flying across the stone floor when the hobgoblin blademark Aruget shoved him out of the wight’s reach and took his place in the face of danger. 

Their friendly resident exterminator Lestok tried his best to dispatch the wight with his alchemical concoctions, but the wight was unaffected, and the party’s attempts to reason with, intimidate, and finally belittle Ashtura were met with casual disdain until the Dakhaani scholar Quentin made a particularly obscene gesture that rattled Ashtura to the core. Meanwhile, Lestok and Jak continued to pepper the wights with crossbow bolts, which didn’t pierce their armour but did distract them enough for House Phiarlan’s Kayde and Aruget with his shield dance to land a succession of killing blows – but not before one of the wights’ blades caught Jak across the chest, slashing him open and dealing a near-mortal blow. Kayde caught the business end of Ashtura’s sword shortly after, suffering a minor wound in the process. With the help of his friends, Jak managed to retreat to safety while the others introduced the haughty Ashtura to his doom. 

He kept telling them they wouldn’t have the ashen crown, he kept telling them we wouldn’t have his sword…and maybe he was right. As he died, his sword fell from his hands and shrunk to no bigger than the size of an ornamental dagger. Quentin (and his friends at Morgrave) will be over the moon trying to solve the mysteries of this relic.

In the meantime, Jak badly needs a healing hand, and while Kayde is also injured, the greater indignity was yet another hole in his good shiftweave. As the dust settled and the adrenaline wore off, the party sat in the tomb recovering from their wounds…and they still haven’t done the job they were sent down to the Cogs for in the first place!

Behind the Scenes

  • Getting saddled with two wounds right off the bat was quite alarming as a new player. I honestly thought I was done for!
  • We tried everything to talk to Ashtura, with increasing penalties on each attempt. What finally worked was…definitely amusing, flavour-wise.
  • Aruget using his turn to push Jak to safety was when I knew that this group was something special. If memory serves, this was also his very first session with us, and he chose to be selfless and live up to his backstory as a defender. He’s a good guy.

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