Seekers of the Ashen Crown week 5: The hunt concludes

After Lestok’s new toy (that whistle he was so impressed by) successfully lured the juvenile kruthik to their doom, the remaining beasts didn’t take the bait, and so the only way for the party to complete their contract of exterminating the queen and destroying the nest was to venture forward. They soon found themselves in a massive, gooey, egg-infested cavern full of sticky horrors that would make even the least fastidious adventurer flinch. As the group cautiously trickled into the nest, Jak declared that “last one in gets excoriated!” and dashed ahead of Kayde…and with that, Aruget, Lestok, Quentin, and Jak promptly ran face first into a face full of the kruthik queen’s acid. Aruget deftly soaked up the damage with his shield, Jak nimbly dodged out of the way, but Quentin was burnt, and Lestok took the full force of the attack, suffering burns to his arms, body, and most importantly, his eyebrows, and almost dying in the process. But there was no time to worry about him or his eyebrows, with the queen still on the rampage. 

Thanks to the power of friendship, smart tactics, and not small bit of luck, the party prevailed, culminating with Kayde shadow-shaping into the queen’s body and coming out with her heart in hand – a dramatic yet gross triumph he promptly regretted when he realized how dirty he’d just become. Jak and Quentin tended to Lestok’s wounds, and are pleased to say the gnome will live to fumigate another day. With that, the party set the eggs ablaze, and having collected all the necessary specimens for Morgrave, finally made their way back to the surface.

Back in the Cogs, they reported the destruction of the kruthik nest, and were met with disdain. Did they really do it? Did they actually get all of them? In a worrisome twist, they were informed that if the job was found to not be completed, the ir’Tains would hunt them down. Jak transformed into the uppity dwarf’s face and wished him luck with that, prompting Quentin to de-escalate the situation and get them paid and out of there. 

After a quick visit to Morgrave to drop off kruthik specimens, the party prepared to go their separate ways after a job well done.  They are now moving into several days of downtime, with much to pursue.  Will Jak and Quentin bond over their mutual connections to High Walls?  Will Lestok boast about his exploits to his arch-nemesis, Lenard from the alchemy department?  Will Kayde ever get to that party he’s been boasting about getting invited to?  Will Aruget…well, no one really knows what Aruget does.  Stoic one, that.

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