Tabletop Tango Asks: What Makes A Great Setting in Savage Worlds?

Savage Tales of Eberron and Tabletop Tango are at it again! In this episode, our wonderful host Carl invites our beloved DM Phillip to discuss why and how the mechanics of Savage Worlds compliment such a wide variety of settings. Phillip has run or played in official Savage Worlds settings including Deadlands: Weird West and Hell on Earth, Weird Wars: Rome, East Texas University, and his personal favourite, Hellfrost, and his experience on both sides of the DM screen brings a unique perspective to exploring why Savage Worlds is the best system for the job. Oh, and they managed to squeeze in a little conversation about Savage Eberron too.

Tabletop Tango is a tabletop RPG gaming YouTube channel run by Carl Davis (with his partner Eric) offering advice, rules discussions, how-tos, and other content with a heavy emphasis on the Savage Worlds RPG. Carl is an RPG gamer, developer, composer, and musician who loves GMing Savage Worlds campaigns and writing RPG inspired rock music. He’s also just an all-around nice guy, and we love chatting with him and hearing his perspectives on our favourite TTRPG. This interview marks our second collaboration with Carl, who previously invited Elly to join a round table discussion about making Savage Worlds actual play podcasts. Follow him on YouTube and on Twitter @TabletopTango!

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