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Savage Tales of Eberron is a labour of love which Elly has been writing since April 2021. Originally created as a place to house her session recaps and mechanics talk, it’s now expanding to include an actual-play podcast of our tables continued adventures in Eberron using the Savage Worlds system. There’s a good deal of content to sift through already, so let’s get you started!

Campaign 1: Seekers of the Ashen Crown (text recaps only)

This epic, 45-week journey took the party from Sharn to Droaam and back again. It’s a story of hair-raising battles, hidden motives, friendship and treachery, and the fluid nature of honour. Click here to get started.

Campaign 2: Mourners of Lhazaar (text recaps)

Join us on the high seas of the Lhazaar Principalities! New narrative recaps every week, featuring behind-the-scenes looks at each session that you won’t get anywhere else. You can find those in the Session Recaps menu, or click here to get started.

Savage Tales of Eberron: An Actual Play Podcast

Mourners of Lhazaar will be the first campaign featured on our podcast! Those episodes will be available to stream or download via the Podcast menu, as well as on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Podbean. Click here to get started.

Table Talk: Playing Savage Worlds

This category features dedicated mechanics articles that take a deeper dive into core aspects of Savage Worlds, such as hindrances, bennies, and cinematic combat.

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